Some places I just need to explore!







1) Brazil

2) India

3) Russia

4) Israel

5) Thailand

6) Cambodia

7) Argentina

8) Morocco

9) Egypt

10) Japan

11) South Africa

12) Uganda

13) Jordan

14) Australia

15) United Arab Emirates


2 thoughts on “MY TRAVEL BUCKET LIST

  1. Hello Natasha,

    It looks like you have had many great experiences in your travels, it’s a pleasure to meet you on your very interesting blog pages.

    In my lifetime, I have been to many countries, 62 to be exact. At first I stayed in cheap hotels, whatever I could afford. But in the 27 countries of the 10 years of my last passport, I stayed in hostels exclusively. I could have used more expensive places, but I loved the environment of hostels, and especially the people I met. I got a new passport about a year ago, and have not used it yet, so I am ready to go, oh so ready. You may contact me at anytime, I would like to talk to you more about an idea I have that you may like.



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