I had the pleasure today to talk to some friends that live on all ends of this continent which got me thinking: why do the people who mean most to me live so far away?

If I’m being completely honest with myself and, I guess, the world on this public blog post, I will tell you that making friends, being friends, and maintaining friends is not easy. Friendship in my life has never been something that I take for granted and so I try my very best to keep up with people, even if we don’t live close by.

I haven’t always been the best at long distance relationships and so I don’t really expect others to be good at them either. When you live on different corners of the world, you have your own things going on and so it’s not easy to keep up all the time. But then there are those days like today that you do take a moment to catch up and suddenly everything is good again.

Travelling the world has been amazing. i’ve been fortunate to see so many places but, even more importantly, meet so many amazing people. The problem is that around the world is where they stay!

My point in writing tonight? Well, I guess I really just want to say how lucky I am to have my friends in my life, even though they live so far away. I also want to say how sorry I am that we cannot live in the same area and see each other regularly.

The good things is that I travel. One day we will meet again!


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