Search, Apply, Repeat

The feeling that washes over you the moment you are denied a job position after interviewing early last week? Heartbreak.

I’ve been applying for jobs steadily over the past two months and it isn’t going very well. Some days I feel more motivated then others but today is not one of those days. Instead it is one in which I feel discouraged.

I sit in my house day in and day out trying to stay busy. After I fan through various websites I try and weed out the jobs I feel my skills are best suited to. I get distracted. I start looking at travel websites planning out my dream vacation. I peruse the teach abroad websites trying to find english schools that will accept an applicant with no university degree. I look at more jobs. Then suddenly the days is over and I feel a bit sad that nothing more has happened.

Today I enquired about my interview at a local coffee shop last week and unfortunately, I did not get the job. I understand that, I truly do! In the end it was further away from my home then I liked and the commute hours would have been impossible on public transit. It’s just that, after two months of nothing, something, anything would have been a whole lot better then this!

Now, to get to the positive: tomorrow, I have my dream job interview. It is to be a travel consultant at a very reputable travel agency and they have chosen me out of numerous applications to come in and interview. I know what I’m going to say and now all I can do is pray that this will be it!


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