Life As A Nomad: Time

It is amazing how important it is for me to have some time to myself. I’ve been living with my three teammates, essentially inside of a van, for the past 8 weeks and although I love them all very much, I treasure those few moment that I can sink into my thoughts and just do what I want. Selfishness is not a virtue. One should not try to be selfish in life  – except when you are a Nomad. Because living life as a Nomad means no time to myself. And so those few minutes I can gather each week mean everything to me.

What keeps me sane? Writing in my blog. Taking and editing my photos. Watching TV and reading books. Those are my vices (along with baking which is impossible when I am never close to an oven).

Right now I have a few minutes in which I can write in my blog and I feel very happy to do so.

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