Life As A Nomad: Dallas = Calgary

After being here for just over a week, I’ve decided that Dallas looks just like Calgary. The landscape is similar (ie. flat and beige) and people wear cowboy boots like Calgarians in the summer. Their love for country music in Dallas is apparent with that fantastic twang hitting numerous air-waves and the weather is a bit bipolar as well, just like good ol’ Calgs.

Kristen and me

Kristen and me

I had the pleasure to meet up with an old friend from home the other day who married a Texan and has now lived in Dallas for 4 years. She gave me a great tour of some areas of the city including the down town core, which, like Calgary, is quite boring and deserted. There are areas of downtown that are being revamped by the famous Vancouver city planner who is now in charge of Dallas, and so I think in a few years, DT Dallas will have some more charm. That being said, we also drove around some areas of the city that only the rich occupy (ie. George W. Bush’s home church and the surrounding neighbourhoods of all that southern grandness). I was interested to learn about the class system the Dallas plays host to with the wealthy always against the dirt poor (this is not like Calgary). Racism and racial profiling are common within Dallas too and most of the wealthy neighbourhoods we visited are only for white people. Socially it is a lot different then home as I know it.

Texas is the last stop on our tour across America. If you need a reminder of everywhere else I’ve been in the past 8 weeks, here is a list for you. First we drove from California to Utah. And then we went on to Colorado, Nebraska, Idaho, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois (again), Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma. And so we end with 3 weeks in Texas, although we’ve finished one already. It’s just 2 more weeks until we drive from El Paso, Texas to Torrance, California for debrief. I can’t believe that I have survived this far!

BTW, these highways are insane. This is what Dallas is made of and what you see most in order to get ANYWHERE.

BTW, these highways are insane. This is what Dallas is made of and what you see most in order to get ANYWHERE.

Being in Texas is interesting because it is by far the most patriotic of states. People keep on reminding me that Texas is BEST. Americans tell me that Texas wishes they were their own country (kind of like Quebec but without all the political, language, and cultural barriers. Okay, not too much like Quebec). Honestly though, after being in Texas for more than a week, I don’t really know why. Yah, the food is good, the people are nice, ya’ll is said ALL THE TIME, but other than that, I don’t really get it! If someone would like to explain, that would be much appreciated!


3 thoughts on “Life As A Nomad: Dallas = Calgary

  1. Seeing that I am a big fan of Calgary, it is interesting to read about your comparison. I guess Dallas even has the same weather extremes, except on the hot side, rather than the cold side. I think most cities become exciting or nice, when you get to know the people. It truly is the people that make the city.

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  2. If you’ve only been to Dallas, you haven’t had the full “Texas” experience. The major cities in texas are all VERY different from each other. Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, El Paso– none are the same. And the tiny dots on the map in between them all are all so different as well. I am a Central Texas girl, not too fond of the Dallas life, or the Houston life. I’ve been lot of places and Texas always brings me home again. Please don’t judge all of Texas by the small snippet of Dallas that you saw! It’s a big place.


    • No worries! I’ve been to Abilene, Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio and El Paso and I know that all of them are very different. The landscape of Dallas left much to be desired but I found pockets of it that were quite pleasant! Austin was really cool – I just wish I had more time to explore when I was there! I spent over 3 weeks in Texas so I’ve definitely seen quite a bit of it. I really enjoyed the food too – biscuits and gravy, Texas BBQ, Torchy’s Tacos – DELISH!


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