Life As A Nomad: My Part Of Tour

This week we are travelling to our 13th and final state – Texas!

We are in Kansas now, move to Oklahoma next and then we are in Texas for 3 weeks! And then we finally head back to Torrance for debrief and hopefully some relaxation.

Tour had not been easy on me. Every night I find myself more tired then the next and these next 2 weeks of tour are my responsibility. When I say that it is “my part of tour” I mean that I booked this part, I am responsible for housing, and I am responsible for getting us where we need to be. This puts more pressure on me than ever before!

Thankfully nothing will ever match our week in Chicago where we had 14 events in 5 days. In Chicago we were spread thing throughout the city and even though it’s been about 4 weeks since Chicago I don’t think I’ve fully recovered in consciousness or stamina!

Anyway, being in charge of tour isn’t easy! I need to email people, call people, and make sure everything is written down. I do this on top of events, booking , driving and tabling every day!

I need to point out the good parts of tour that I feel at this very moment. And those are the laughter I have every day with my team. We are constantly telling jokes, teasing each other and having fun. We are so thankful for each other and I am so thankful that I have people on my team that I can trust and appreciate!


2 thoughts on “Life As A Nomad: My Part Of Tour

  1. That is great that you and your team can enjoy laughs together. I am praying for you Natasha, for strength, energy and safety as you enter into this last part of your nomad experience. When driving, make sure you are never in anyone’s blind spot – Randy and I almost got hit coming home from visiting Jordy in Fox Creek – the guy never shoulder checked before changing lanes – Randy swerved and braked to avoid a collision.

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  2. You will be an excellent leader the next two weeks. Just think – when you are the leader, you can call the shots! Drive safely and never drive when tired. Loved having your friends for the last few days. You are fortunate to have such wonderful friends. I also imagine this GP Nomads team is very special, as well.

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