Life As A Nomad: 18 (?) Days, 2 Months To Go

I truly am a nomad. My blog title isn’t lying, my job description isn’t exaggerating, I am a freaking nomad.


A person with no fixed residence who roams about; a wanderer.”

Well, this is most certainly me.

Over the past 2 and a half weeks I haven’t slept in the same bed twice. I sleep on beds, couches, floors, and even the van from time to time – basically anywhere that I can get horizontal. It’s crazy. I never thought that anything like this could be so draining, emotionally and physically, but it is!

Most recently we’ve been in Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin and now Illinois (as I write this I’m in an apartment in central Chicago). We drive constantly and have no time for ourselves. Four hours of sleep a night is the norm.

Everything blends in to one for me since I need to sleep BUT I want to post this tonight so I’m going to run over a few things quickly:

1) Our contacts have been amazing. The people we stay with at night, the people who host events with us by day…everyone is passionate, loving, and so hospitable. The people who have been booking events with us have been incredibly inspirational and remind my team and I every day why we are on this crazy journey for the NK people.

2) Nebraska is terrible. The people are nice, the state is BORING!

3) Wisconsin is breathtaking. Probably one of my favourite places in the USA.

4) I really love the leaves that change colours. We don’t get that much on the west coast.

5) 8 hours of sleep for any human being should be mandatory.

6) Although I’m in Chicago for 5 days we won’t see any of it. We have 14 events in 5 days. Thus no time for tourism.

7) Two more months of this craziness.

8) My second cousin came to visit me in Wisconsin at an event – the beauty of Carthage College sitting right by one of the Great Lakes AND a surprise (ish) visit made for a fantastic day.

9) I really like British Folk Music. Thank you Starbucks for developing a beautiful CD like the one we now have on repeat.

10) I impress myself with each new presentation I give. I’ve done it 5 times now – go me!

The end.

I can’t edit this, I can’t be bothered to post photos.

I’m done.


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