Life As A Nomad: The First Day

IMG_6743It’s crazy that things have gotten to this point. A few weeks ago I was in the depths of despair and I felt that I had no way out. I was stressed to the max, frustrated with so many things, and also confused if LiNK was the place that I should be.

Now I’m on the road traveling with 3 other people to 15+ states to share with thousands of people the hope of the North Korean people! We left this morning and now we are nearly in Nevada. We have to travel more than 500 miles to get to Salt Lake City tonight.

I don’t know what to expect on this journey. My teammates and I get along well and I am happy to be in it with these guys! Michele is such a caring and kind girl from Newport Beach, California. Julie is a positive and strong girl from New York. George is an awesome, hilarious guy from England. We are the Great Plains Nomad team: friendly, easygoing, happy, and excited.

I’ve shared my route with you all in a previous post but I can link it here as well. Tomorrow we have our first presentation in Salt Lake City at 8 AM which is freaking crazy to think about! I don’t feel 100% prepared but my friends have my back so we’re just going to feel it out day by day.

Leaving everyone this morning was strange. Although we’ve only known each other for 6 weeks, it feels like it has been 6 years. We are all different people from different backgrounds but are united through a common cause. We live, play, and work together and I don’t think I’ve been apart from any of them for more than 3 hours. But now we’ll have 10 weeks apart before reuniting back together in December.

There are some people I’m going to miss the most and that is the hardest. My roomies get me and are there for me through all my ups and downs. Same with my Austrian Tatz who is hilarious and fun-loving and just a great, great girl! I wish that we could all be together or just meet up throughout our travels but that is impossible.

These past weeks we’ve worked 60 hour weeks with little time for rest or relaxation. It has been the most difficult thing I have ever done which says a lot when comparing it to au pairing which was also terribly difficult. Nobody will ever understand what we’ve all went through except for the 15 other Nomads of Fall 2014.

I must not get the reason why I’m doing this lost in my sentiment. The reason why I’m doing this is not just to grow as a person or meet people – no. It is to help raise support and awareness for the North Korean people! I came to LiNK thinking that NK was interesting and I wanted to learn more. But now, although still fascinated, I want to help more than ever in order to support the NK people who are living challenging lives in NK. Things are changing there and it’s up to us to help motivate others and inform others that the change is occurring!

The North Korean people are who I’m doing this for. Truly. So many terrible things happen around the world but if I can help even just one person I can know that I am making a difference.

Setting out on the road is the second part to our three-part journey. #1 was the office and memorization – getting ready. #2 is now – telling all people, wherever we go, hoping to inspire change. #3 will come later – with my friends again.

I’m ready for #2 now.



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