I’ve realized over the years that I am no good at studying.

School has always been difficult for me when it comes to memorization and learning. I can’t sit still, I can’t focus, and I find myself repeating things over and over without remembering a word.

Here at LiNK things appear no different.

We are memorizing a 30 minute script to present when we travel across the USA. It’s intense, tricky, and overall miserable to learn. I’ve spent the past three days repeating and pacing back and forth, trying to nail down the words but it just isn’t sticking! I feel discouraged and frustrated more than anything else!

What can I do to make this any easier? What am I doing wrong? I want to get it, I know that I will get it but right now it all seems so hopeless!

Words of encouragement would be much appreciated.


3 thoughts on “Studying

  1. The best thing for memorization is cue cards. Break the 30 minute talk into smaller pieces/paragraphs and do a cue card on each paragraph. Don’t write the whole sentence….. Just the important keywords. The key to success is giving the information using your own words and style.
    Coloured cue cards might help too. Also for memorising, walk around while talking. The combination of talking and walking uses two sides of your brain. Remember that brain talk you went to, when you were younger?
    I believe in you.. I know you can do it, as I have seen you deliver information that you are passionate about.

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