Travel Bucket List: Thailand

Thailand has always been at the top of my bucket list – I think it’s at the top of everyone’s!

There are breathtaking beaches, confusing cities, amazing culture, and delicious food and I would like to experience all of it!

One of my best friends traveled to Thailand last year and she spent over two months visiting every single corner of the country. But by the time her two months came to an end she still hadn’t seen everything. There is too much to see in Thailand it’s crazy!

I need to address one thing though that is on my heart and will be when I travel to Thailand.  Thailand has one of the highest prostitution rates in the whole world. People are sold into prostitution without any say in the matter and men come from all over the world, including Canada, to take advantage of the women and children who are helpless.

Because I know this I cannot be oblivious to it. I cannot go somewhere when I know that so much wrong goes on. I wish I could help everyone sometimes but I know that it is impossible for me to do so. Regardless, if I can do something to help I will and so if I go to Thailand in the future, I’m going to make an effort to give up some of my time to work with the women and children sold into prostitution. Because nobody deserves that level of pain – nobody.

Thailand, I’m coming for you. I’m going to explore you but I’m also going to help you – and I can’t wait!

Ko Phi Phi of Thailand


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