New Life = Crazy

10584089_10204829910086978_3345476536708582930_nimageMy new life is crazy.

I’m a nomad at Liberty in North Korea which means that for 6 weeks I learn, prepare, study, cram, practice, make calls, explore, meet, smile, laugh, cry, and think everything North Korea. And then I take all that I learn, everything I know, pack it into a massive van with 3 other people to travel the “Great Plains” of America.

I’m quickly learning that this is not going to be all fun in games. It’s freaking intense. I need to memorize stuff, study stuff and spend many (or most) of my free hours in getting ready for the presentations. I knew that the hours would be crazy, I knew that I’d be working a lot but I didn’t know it would be like this! And the crazy days haven’t even started yet!

Although I’m still not 100% sure what I’ve gotten myself into, so far so good. I had a dream of a weekend spending time with new friends at Redondo Beach on Saturday. The weather is gorgeous here in Southern California and I have yet to see a cloud in the sky. The people are great too. It feels like I’ve known them all for a lifetime when infact it’s been just one week!

Tomorrow we start calling contacts in order to book events across America. I’m nervous but excited to get this thing going!


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