LiNK Nomads: The First Day

link_logo_white-2It feels like I’ve been a LiNK Nomad for more than just one day.

I got on the plane feeling slightly apprehensive about it all but when I landed, a quick 2.5 hours later, all apprehension was gone and I was ready for this thing to start.

I’m happy that I was one of the first few people to arrive. It meant that I’d be there before everyone else and I’d be the one greeting all the newcomers! So basically that’s what I’ve done!

I arrived in the evening to find my ride waiting for me just where she said she’d be. We picked up a few more people and then we were off to the intern house. A few people greeted us when we got in and it immediately felt as if we’d been friends for a while. I love meeting new people and because of our similar passions and interests we have an instant connection!

I have 5 roommates in a house with 4 bedrooms split between 16 people. There is another house in the back that is home to 12 more people. It’s like one big frat house and I’m totally okay with that! In fact, it just makes it easier for us to get to know each other!

We went for a lot of walks today to get food, groceries and to understand our surroundings. New people came one by one. Each person is unique and exciting. I am excited!

Right now I hear the Austrian girl in the next room explaining to her roommates what “ach du lieber” means and now I know I’m at home.

I am so excited to start things tomorrow. I know this is where I’m supposed to be! At the border yesterday to get into the USA I was questioned for about 45 minutes. I didn’t know if I’d make my flight. But I did make it and ever since I hopped on that plane to get to where I am now, sitting on a bed with my 2 other (for now) roommates asleep in their beds, things have been great! I am so happy when God makes it so clear that He has made things work out  just right.


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