Travel Bucket List: Russia

Russia seems like a mysterious place. It’s so vast and covers so much of the earth that I know a visit to St. Petersburg and Moscow won’t just do the trip.

When I was younger I became obsessed with the Romanov family and Anastasia, one of the daughters of the family who it is believed to have lived after her family was brutally executed in the early 20th century. Reading more and more about the Romanov’s made me learn more about Russia as a whole. I’m fascinated with Russian history, especially from the past 100 years, and want to go to the place that my ancestors were born as well.

A lot of my family comes from the western borders of Russia which is now Poland and the Ukraine. Although they are ethnic Germans, they lived in areas that were extremely affected by the Russians, even speaking Russian as their first language. Back then borders weren’t so specific anyway. Russia thought they had and were entitled to more land then what was reality – much like now actually.

I did a class a couple semesters ago about Russia. I learned of the diversity there between the people and cultures. It’s a lot different then I realized with so many different tribes, languages, and people composing one united country!

Russia excites me! The language is insane, the culture is unique, the history is amazing, the architecture is beautiful, the east seems so untouched…why wouldn’t you want to go?

Russian Landscape

Russian Landscape

Moscow, Russia

Moscow, Russia


One thought on “Travel Bucket List: Russia

  1. Russia excites me too! I am so obsessed with Russia that I am dreaming of going there all the time. Of course a trip to St Petersburg or Moscow is not enough. Travelling nearly all the parts of the country from its wonderful forests to its lovely villages is my dream. I hope someday…

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