Life Bucket List: To Have a Job I Love

There are too many people in this world who hate their job and my dad is an example of this.

When I was young he used to build houses. He had been a framer for some time and then he started his own building company. Building, designing, and making things is his passion and I often see that he is most happy after a long, tiring day of successful work.

Unfortunately, the housing market crashed and in order to make ends meet he had to go back to school to become a teacher. Now I’m not saying that teaching was the worst profession for him or that he is absolutely miserable at his current job. He has actually settled in well as a metal work teacher and he’s also pretty good at it.  I just know that he’d be a lot more excited about work if he could be a builder and not teaching.

Maybe this is example wasn’t the best because my dad was forced out of his first profession into this current one which isn’t really too bad. It’s just that in an ideal world, building would be his job.

I want my first choice in life, my passion, to be my job!

And guess what that is?

TRAVEL. Obviously.

I’d love if I could become a photojournalist, documenting everything new I see through photo and words all around the world.

I’d also love to be a tour guide because I could incorporate my people skills, my love of history and culture, and my travel experience all into one.

I’d love to be a published author, writing books in new and exciting places.

I’d love to be a blogger, telling the world about the things I see, all on my online canvas.

I hope that one day I can be blessed enough to do what I love in order to sustain a healthy and successful life. That is why this is on my life bucket list!



2 thoughts on “Life Bucket List: To Have a Job I Love

  1. Noble desire – to have a job that you are passionate about or at least have a job in an area that you are interested in. However I disagree with your quote – even if you are passionate about your job, some days will feel like good old fashioned hard work. But that is what is so sweet about hard, fustration work – work helps you to appreciate the easier times. It’s like you can’t have one without the other.


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