world-peace-300x165People often laugh at beauty pageant contestants who state that their one wish in life is for world peace. To be honest though, I think that’s probably the smartest things someone could ever wish for.

I am not a political person. I don’t research political parties or get too involved in international events. Despite this, I can’t ignore what is going on.

Palestine vs. Israel. Gaza vs. Israel. The whole world vs. Israel. Palestine vs. America. I could go on.

This is an issue. Something that I don’t know much about but an issue nonetheless.

What has brought about this blog post are my facebook friends. A lot of my friends are taking political sides about an issue that is extremely complicated. Most of my friends are on the Palestinian side while a select few are with the Israelis. Me? Well, I’m not sure. I don’t know enough on the subject and I don’t want to be for or against anyone. Because regardless of it all, people are dying on both sides, there is extreme unrest, and what we truly need is peace!

I think the thing that frustrates me most though is when people spout off their opinion of a subject without doing research behind it. I know it’s popular these days to listen to hollywood and their opinion about things. It’s also very easy to make a quick judgement on something because of one article you’ve read that says some smart and concise things. The reason why I’m not stating my opinion here is because, like I said earlier, I don’t quite have one. I don’t know enough about it at all!

What is my point? Well I guess I have 2.

1) Don’t preach about things you know nothing about. Do the research. Look at articles, news programs, and interviews from every side of a story and then form your opinion.

2) I don’t know if it really is about who is right or who is wrong. Regardless, people are getting hurt and I don’t like it. This isn’t just happening in the middle east but is happening all around the world. Things that are terrible happen and people get hurt or killed even here in Canada! I wish it would just stop! Which is why even though I’m not a beauty pageant contestant, my biggest wish in life is for world peace!


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