Travel Bucket List: India

My parents went to India before I was born and have since said it was one of the most amazing yet one of the most challenging places they ever travelled to. I want to find out why.

Part of me gets it when they say that it smells terrible and is more dirty than I will ever understand. On the other hand, maybe I don’t get it. I’ve been to Tijuana, I’ve been to China, and I’ve been to Havana – those places were dirty! Well my parents say India is like nothing I have or ever will experience on that front. Hmmm, sounds intriguing!

I know that for me, travelling in India will be difficult when I see the great divide in wealth. I have a hard time seeing children begging for food or money and I wish I could help them all! There is always a possibility that I could go to India on a volunteer trip to help others – this may make me feel more encouraged!

On the other end of that spectrum though is the delicious food, the lively music and dancing, the friendly people, the interesting history, and the fascinating culture. India is so full of life and even though travelling around India can be an extreme culture shock, my parents have said that it’s worth every second.

So India, you are on my travel bucket list. I need to see you – soon!



2 thoughts on “Travel Bucket List: India

  1. In India, the two most common topics of conversation included 1) the regularity of your B.M.’s (and what you could do if you had too many or not enough) and 2) your religion – were you Hindu, Muslim, Jain or Christian. You had to be something. It was inconceivable to be nothing.


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