It’s been a strange week knowing that although I need to continue  taking a photo a day I don’t need to log onto my blog every day to post it.

I’ve gotten in the habit of pulling out my camera at the most inopportune times and now I’m afraid that I’ve become one of those people who take their phones with them no matter where they are going so that no photo opportunity will be missed.

Oh, and guess what?! I have an adventure brewing. I’m not going to write about it yet because at this moment things haven’t been finalized. That being said I’m 100% excited that new things are in store for me!

My photos will become more interesting, my days will seem a bit brighter…man, am I excited!

In the meantime, thanks to those who follow, like, and comment on my blog. It may not seem like a big deal to you but for me, it means a lot. I appreciate people reading what I’ve written. Thanks so much!

P.S. A Photo a Day will be from Sun to Sat and will be posted early Sunday morning. I hope you all like what I’ve put together!


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