Inventing Recipes


A Photo a Day – July 8, 2014 – Day 144
I just can’t stop baking! This time I made pineapple, banana, coconut muffins. They were delicious AND I invented the recipe myself!

On a side note: I am going to continue with my photo a day although I think, as I had mentioned before, I may only publish my photo posts once a week. This is because a) I am writing other things on my blog and I think that it may look a bit cluttered when more than one post goes up a day and b) I want to get into a schedule in which every Saturday night OR Sunday morning my post goes up, at the same time every day. I will try this for a while and if it doesn’t go over well then I’ll change back. That’s the good thing about being in control of your own blog – you can do whatever you want!

And to clarify – I take a picture every day. Even if I don’t post on that same day the pictures is taken it IS from the date specified in my post. I’m not cheating!! Promise!

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