The CLEAN Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt List!

Although this is fairly unrelated to my blog, I figured I’d add it in anyway. As I was trying to gather a load of things to do for my friend’s upcoming bachelorette party I noticed there were very few CLEAN (ie. no drinking, sexual innuendoes, etc) scavenger hunt lists out there. So here is the one I compiled with a PDF link below as well. Enjoy!

The Clean Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt List

  1. Find someone with the same name as the groom and take a picture with him and their evidence (ie. business card, drivers license)
  2. Find another bride and get a picture with her
  3. Get marriage advice from 2 different people and write it down
  4. Find something old, borrowed, new, and blue
  5. A. Go into your nearest Starbucks, get some toilet paper from the bathroom, and make a veil that you will wear for the remainder of the evening B. Ask the barista for a free drink since you’re getting married – worst thing they can say is no!
  6. Take a picture with the oldest person you can find (70+ … asking for advice from them about marriage isn’t a bad idea too)
  7. Take a picture with the youngest person you can find
  8. Try and find a couple who’s wedding anniversary is in the same month as yours and take a picture with the couple
  9. Reenact a wedding scene inside a church and take a picture of it (bonus points for getting a pastor in the photo as well)
  10. Find 5 different people and ask them to tell you congratulations in a different language (record this as a video message)
  11. Take a photo of 5 different men spelling out the word “BRIDE” one letter at a time using their hands
  12. Take a photo with a couple that has been married the longest (40 years +)
Bachelorette Party!

Inside these glasses are good ol’ virgin pina coladas!



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