Grad 2014

A Photo a Day – June 13, 2014 – Day 119
My best friend graduated today from university and is now a certified teacher! It makes me proud to see my friends graduating and moving on with their lives but also, in a way, sad because I’m not there doing the same thing as them. I’m on a different path, figuring it out one step at a time. Sometimes I wish it was just a bit more clear though and I’d have something to celebrate, you know?


Grad 2014

5 thoughts on “Grad 2014

  1. Natasha, you had asked before for advice on what to do next. You will never regret getting a university degree, no matter what it is in. Although traveling is way more fun than studying, in the long run you will benefit from having a degree. (The most miserable year of my life that I spent studying for my CA has paid off for me for the last 30 years!)


    • I agree but I also care about what makes me happy. Studying at university is miserable for me and it is so difficult for me to do. I want to finish my degree, I really do, but it makes me unhappy. I hope I’ll be able to finish in the future but for now I want to do something that will make me happy, positive, and will excite me. Maybe I can find a way to incorporate excitement while finishing my degree…that would be ideal!


  2. Yes, I always envied those who loved university life, and I get what you are talking about. It is not essential to have a university degree, for sure, but worthwhile if one can persevere. I am praying for you as you search for your path.

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