The Big Three

Three big life choices are haunting me at the moment:
1) Stay in Vancouver, move out of my family home, and finish my degree
2) Complete my TEFL and teach English abroad
3) Move to London, get a job, and try to finish my degree through SFU’s online class system

What would you choose? They all have pros and cons, don’t they.

1) If I stay in Vancouver and finish my degree I’ll be finished and will have accomplished something that will help me with my future career choices. But then I won’t be travelling and will ultimately be working at something I’m not passionate about. Thus my motivation will be lacking.
2) Completing my TEFL and teaching abroad gives me the chance to travel more, AND earn money. If I’m smart about it and it’s something I enjoy, I could use the skills I learn teaching English to work at home in Canada too. It seems like a win win. But my degree won’t be complete, something I may regret down the line!
3) Finally, moving to London and working on my degree through the SFU online program – well, how much will I actually get done? London can be a distraction and on top of that, I’ll be working my butt off trying to pay my rent and doing things with new friends. Will I even want to study? If I don’t study but just live and work in London I’ll be living my dream because I’ve always wanted to live there. But if I ever decide to move back to Canada, my degree will not be complete and I will have gained little experience that will help me in the job front back in Canada.

So what is my destiny? These are the decisions I’m making and they are big. I need advice. I need help…anyone willing to give me their thoughts?


The Big Three

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