Ostia Antica

Ostia Antica, Feb 2013 – I’m reminiscing about my time in Rome. Hopefully I’ll get back to some travelling adventures very soon!

My blog has undertaken some changes over the past couple of weeks and I’m not sure that anyone has noticed.

A lot of changes are occurring in my life and so I thought I’d include my blog in that also. As I am currently jobless and do not see that changing anytime soon, I have had a lot of time to think, consider, and write so much more than I did before. This is why I would like to post as often as I can about anything that I can think about!

A few days ago I wrote a long “article” (as I like to call it) about feminism in Canada. I don’t think anyone read it but I still had fun writing it! I like writing about things that happen in my country or around the world that I’m passio
nate about – even if it is a bit controversial. Furthermore I want to write more about my travelling experiences and I’ve been thinking about writing a country-by-country guide on what I recommend doing in each place. My friends and family often ask me for tips on what to see and do when planning a trip abroad so sharing it all in my blog would be a great place to refer them to!

I’d like to write about photography, cooking, baking, books, and TV too. Basically this is going to be one big hub where I can organize my thoughts and feelings – and share it with people who are interested!

Thanks for reading this and for sticking around as I flesh out my little internet space. Hope you enjoy!

– Natasha


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