Flight Centre Application Fail

A Photo a Day – April 16, 2014 – Day 62
Right now all I want to do is call Flight Centre out on everything I hate most about companies who search for future employees online. As some of you may or may not know, I’m in the process of searching for a job. I’ve applied to quite a few positions online and I have become increasingly more discouraged with the lack of response I’ve been recieving.

I consider myself a pretty good candidate for a lot of these jobs. Granted, I don’t have a university degree but I’m not applying to be a doctor. I’m applying at places that require you to be personable, hard-working, and able to navigate around a computer. I am capable of all these things.

Therefore, I don’t understand Flight Centre’s vendetta against me. This is the third time that I’ve applied for a position online to work for them as a travel consultant and the third time I’ve been denied. I am the perfect candidate to work for this company. I am highly motivated, have over 8 years experience working in a customer service environment, and have numerous years of national and international travel experience! I have lived abroad, backpacked across Europe, done all-inclusive vacations and volunteered internationally. I am the first person my friends and family go to for travel advice and help so many people plan their vacations further. I am proficient in Microsoft and Apple applications and am familiar with all different types of travel websites and databases.

Flight Centre continues to deny my application even though at the start of each week I see a new advertisment on workBC advertising travel consultant positions at their company. I don’t know what more I can do to make them see that I would be the perfect candidate! I am motivated beyond belief! If they would give me a chance to explain myself, person to person, I think they would see that! Online applications and resume submitting is a completely inacurate way for one to judge their next employee. Some people are better in person; online applications are one dimensional and do not capture ones traits accurately! Flight Centre failed to understand my passion and abilities from my application, and by denying me so quickly they failed to gain access to a fantastic new employee.

I doubt that anyone from Flight Centre or any other company for that matter will read this note. I just thought I’d share a bit though, to see if anyone out there agrees with me.



Flight Centre Application Fail

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