What Are Unions?

A Photo a Day – Feb 27, 2014 – Day 14
This is a photo of two things: 1) the book I’m reading currently which helps my day progress a bit easier. I read on the bus and this book about child soldiers in Sierra Leone is really captivating me. AND 2) these forms about the union I apparently belong to while working for Starbucks. I don’t really know much about unions. I pay a bunch of money to it every month but the looming questions is … ‘what’s it going to do for me’?


What Are Unions?

3 thoughts on “What Are Unions?

  1. I read that book a couple of years ago . It was a fantastic read. It’s sitting next to me on my bookshelf. Enjoy! Such an inspiring tale. Ive read his second book as week which was equally fantastic


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