Voyager en Italie et en France

My sisters arrived in Rome with a flourish. And since then we’ve travelled through 8 different cities and 2 countries thus far. It has been tiring – in fact, I am exhausted. But it is worth it because I am on a trip that I’ll remember for the rest of my life! And I still have 25 more days to go!

Cities visited:
– Rome, Italy (of course)
– Cinque Terre, Italy (5 cities)
– Nice, France
– Paris, France

– Meeting my sisters at the McDonalds across from the train station in Rome. Crying was involved. You can’t believe the joy I had at that very moment!
– Taking pictures of the Colosseum at dusk, touring the Colosseum in the morning.
– Dinner with Bekah and my sisters.
– My last beach day in Ostia.
– Showing my sisters my neighbourhood, my haunt, my life in Rome.
– Touring the Cinque Terre – specifically Vernazza and Manarola. We stayed in Vernazza and were pleasantly surprised to find that it was one of the most picturesque of the 5 towns. It had an amazing harbour. Manarola had a breathtaking view of the city after climbing a few minutes up a path.
– Accomplishing all of our transfers (4!) from Vernazza to Nice without one hiccup.
– Hearing French for the first time.
– Floating in the Mediterranean off the coast of Nice for nearly an hour.
– Successfully getting home from downtown Nice one night after missing the bus. This may not sound difficult to you but three Wiens girls with full bladders should not be messed with. After an hour of waiting I am happy to report that no accidents occurred.
– The reliable transit system of France.
– Eating french onion soup in France.
– Magnum bars on the beach.
– Going up the Eiffel Tower just before midnight.
– The free tours in Paris. History and culture are my biggest passions in life so these free tours are right up my alley. They get me climatized with the city and help me better understand and appreciate it.
– Wandering Paris at night.
– Seeing Versailles.
– Getting to experience all these amazing things with my favourite people in the world!

Okay. So that’s a quick shorthand on a few things I’ve enjoyed over the past two weeks. I’ll get back to you soon with part 2!


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