Another little anecdote regarding my children.

Today I got the children from school and we stopped by my house on the way home to get something I needed. I then decided to treat the children to a cookie or juice from the local bakery. They all got their treats and were happy and satisfied until Bianca asked for something else. I told her that she could eat something else at home if she was hungry as I didn’t want to spend any more of my own money on bakery treats. Well if I had known that soon WWIII would appear before my very own eyes I may have thought to answer this question differently. But everything is different in hindsight – isn’t it. 

Anyways, Bianca starts crying, as per usual. She starts screaming that she is hungry. The bakery lady is looking at me funny and is giving me a look of pity. The other two children are acting so sweet and are trying to help me to quiet Bianca but nothing is working. She won’t move. She collapses her legs so I either need to pull her, drag her, or pick her up. I can barely get her out of the bakery. I pick her up to carry her down the street towards home and she starts howling “put me down!!!” I put her down but then she doesn’t move. Everyone on the streets are staring at me. I partially pull her and partially carry her all the way home, still trying to get the other two calm children home safely as well.

Bianca keeps on screaming that I am hurting her except it is hard to get her anywhere without squeezing her hands a little tighter then normal because otherwise she pulls away and just stands there. We are nearing the front door of the house and she gets down on her bum and starts kicking and screaming. All of this is over my not buying her an extra treat?!

I finally got her in to the house and had to leave for a short walk around the block to cool off. Sometimes, most of the time, it is just too much. It is hard to deal with children when they are like this! It’s hard to like them at times like this.

The only saving grace to this story is that when I returned from my walk 5 minutes later, I apologized to the children for getting upset but told them I was tired of people crying after I had done something nice for them. Pietro said he agreed with me. Beatrice said that she “needs to stop crying”. I think Juliet the housekeeper told her this and she was repeating it to me. That was a really sweet moment. And the fact that Pietro agreed – well he has never outwardly expressed his agreement with something I’ve said in the 9 months I’ve been here. I’ve always felt alone and that it is 3 against one. So when he said he agreed with me – well, it really felt good.

Only 2 more weeks folks. Think I can make it?


4 thoughts on “Tantrums

  1. I always thought that being an Au pair was such a cushy, glamorous job, and really thought I wanted to try it out! But I can see that it must be verrrrry challenging dealing with someone else’s kids! It sounds like you’re doing a great job!! You can make it two weeks… Then you’ve got your travels to look forward to!!! Good luck!! 🙂


  2. You can definitely make it. You’ve made it this far and now you’ve occasionally got Pietro in your court! You’re almost past the finish line. Push through!


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