Fine Settimana

Nora and me in Rome!

Nora and me in Rome!

If every day was a weekend day then I think I could live in Rome for a bit longer. Each weekend I see my friends, experience new things and see new places. On the weekend I don’t get as frustrated with public transit because even though it is slow and unbearable I don’t have to work and therefore if I’m late it isn’t an issue. On the weekends I get to spend hours at the beach, have picnics with friends and just relax. On the weekends I have time to appreciate this beautiful city.

The past few weekends have been particularly lovely. My friend Nora came to visit me a couple weeks ago and I wandered the streets of Rome as a tourist once again. It was cool having her in my city, this city that I know like the back of my hand. I like showing it off! Furthermore, since I only have a couple of weeks left in Rome, I am trying to see as much as I can. And so to appreciate Rome it is also important to leave it for a while and appreciate the beauty of the smaller cities around you. Visiting these small, unknown cities makes one realize Rome really is home when they come back and are able to navigate this city!

A basilica in Spoleto

A basilica in Spoleto

Last weekend I went with Candice to Spoleto. Once again I was taken by a beautiful city in Umbria and we enjoyed spending time overlooking the beautiful rolling hills, the narrow streets, the stone buildings, and the breathtaking surrounding nature. Most of all though, I loved spending time with Candice. She’s been an amazing friend to me over the past year and although she doesn’t live in Rome, I’ve seen her so many times if feels like I’ve known her for ages. We said goodbye this weekend. It was one of those goodbyes though in which I know I’ll see her again.

Candice and me on Gianicolo Hill

Candice and me on Gianicolo Hill

Candice came back to visit Rome one last time this past weekend. We spent Saturday together discovering an incredible view of the city from Gianicolo Hill which is close to an amazing area called Trastevere. We wandered upon the Spanish Embassy and saw some beautiful buildings as well. It’s amazing the places you come across when you aren’t even expecting it.



Ostia is somewhere I’ve been spending a large part of my weekends at. We went there this past Sunday, the Sunday prior to that…I love it there! Ostia is about 30 minutes away from Rome by train (although it is still considered to be part of Rome) and it is where the ocean is. There are private beaches for the wealthy Romans and public beaches for those who are poor like me. Regardless, it is amazing. I love the ocean. I love having the salt water in my hair and looking out on to the vast horizon where the ocean appears to be never ending. It is amazing to think that when I look across the water I am looking towards Spain. Alicante actually  – the city  I lived in 4 years ago!

So as you can see, weekends have been an incredibly important part of my time here. I am so thankful for them! And now there are only 2 more weekends left!


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