Travelling Around Europe

These sisters are backpacking around Europe!

These sisters are backpacking around Europe!

My sisters are arriving in Rome 11 days from now.

Until a couple months ago, the idea of me and my sisters travelling Europe together never occurred to me. I guess I figured that since we are all different ages and thus in different stages of life, we’d never have enough money or time to all arrange something like this. But 2 months ago that idea completely changed and now, in one and a half weeks, the best summer ever is about to occur. To say I’m stoked is a complete understatement!

So here’s what our schedule looks like:

  • Rome, Italy (June 18th to June 25th)
  • Cinque Terre, Italy (June 25th to June 27th)
  • Nice, France (June 27th to July 1st)
  • Paris, France (July 1st to July 7th)
  • Germany (Bremen, Berlin, Bielefeld, etc. – July 7th to July 14th)
  • Prague, Czech Republic (July 14th to July 18th)
  • Vienna, Austria (July 18 to July 21st – we are planning on taking a day-trip to Bratislava, Slovakia during this time as well)
  • Turkey (Istanbul, Cappadocia, and Ephesus – July 21st to August 1) **
  • Arrive back in Canada (August 1st!!!!)

** Currently Turkey, especially Istanbul, is going through some demonstrations and riots. Not fun. So we may have to take a detour and ditch Turkey this time around. I am pretty devastated about this as Turkey was probably the place I was most excited to see but I am determined to make this trip amazing regarless. It will be amazing! What am I even saying? So, if any of you reading this have suggestions to make regarding where we should go after Vienna, please let me know! We are thinking Eastern Europe somewhere. Travelling by train is also best probably to keep the cost down. Please – leave suggestions!!

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