Rome Favourites

The best things about Rome.
(P.S. I am trying to come up with this list as I am beyond furious with this city right now for its laziness and incompetence. So this will be a challenge but hopefully will get me in a bit of a better mood.)

– The amazing history. This goes without saying. Rome is one of the oldest metropolitan cities in the world and around every corner you can see remnants of crumbling ruins that once represented the wealth and extravagance of the city. Unfortunately now in the 21st century the roman empire is just a mere point of historical interest and doesn’t have much of an impact in the world otherwise.

– The people. More specifically the people that I have met (who aren’t Roman at all) but represent many different nations around the world. It is amazing how living so far from home can bring you friends from so many different places and that we can all relate and get along with each other, even though we come from many different countries.

– The friends I’ve made. This ties in to the people I’ve met but seriously, where would I be without my friends here?! In September I didn’t think I’d ever meet ANYBODY that I could be friends with but now there are so many amazing people here that are so special to me. I am going to miss them all SO much!

– The opportunity to travel. Rome is a great hub to get pretty much anywhere else in Italy and as you all know I’ve been fortunate enough to take quite a few weekend trips to many beautiful cities littered around Italy. Some of these cities had quite a bit of litter in them too (bahaha, I’m so funny).

– The weather. Although as I’m saying this the weather is complete crap. Sunny one minute, storming the next, it’s really difficult to take this point to heart. Anyways, I hear the weather can be amazing when it wants and I do have a bit of a tan and it’s only the end of May. So I’d say the weather is better then Vancouver.

– The freedom. Yes I rely on buses and YES they SUCK but…I live in this amazing city. And I can do whatever I want in it!

– Church. I’ve been lucky enough to find a church home in Rome, amazing Christian friends, and I’ve found myself grow closer to God during this time away. He is my constant in a time of uncertainty. I am glad I know Him and I realize this.

– The food. Mozzarella, tomatoes, pizza, pasta. Delish. Italians are quite obsessed with their food and therefore are really good at making it. My favourite thing I’ve had since being here is Melanzane alla Parmigiana (eggplant parmesan). Eggplant is seriously one of the most delicious things on this planet.

Alright. Now speaking of food I’ve got to go get some. I’m seriously starving!
Until next time…


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