Finding God in Rome

God hears my prayers.

He knows that since I’ve been away from home I’ve felt lonely, scared, insecure, and vulnerable more times then I can even count. He knows how much I yearn for Him and His love, even when I forget to ask Him for it. God is real and I know that. I feel His presence around me so often but still, because I can not see or physically feel His touch, I don’t always turn to Him in times of need.

When my friend told my about another english-speaking christian church in Rome I felt elated. Since I first came to Rome I’ve been attending a baptist church in the centre of the city. Although I love all the amazing people I’ve met through the church I sometimes feel as if I am unable to connect to the church because it is so very different from my church in Canada. So today I sought out to find the International Christian Fellowship Rome church and find it I did! And this is the part where God heard my prayers.

This church was AMAZING! It was so lively and welcoming and the people were so kind and loving. The worship moved me (literally – people all around me were dancing and praising the Lord) and the pastor spoke with such passion and truth. I felt welcomed immediately. I was at home.

God heard me when I told him I felt lost. He guided me to this church for a purpose. Today the pastor spoke of being where we are in life for a purpose – God’s purpose! And so I know that at first I went to Rome Baptist to meet all the people I have met – all my amazing friends have come from that church and it is all because of God! Now I have found ICF and my heart has been restored with hope, love, and joy for the Word.

I am brimming with joy because He has shown Himself to me yet again.

And now I can’t wait until next Sunday!


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