Una gita a Orvieto

The days are flying by and sooner or later I will be back in Canada trying to figure out

Friends in Orvieto

Friends in Orvieto

what is to come of my life.

For now I will try and catch you all up on the amazing things that I’ve done over the past couple of months, starting with Orvieto.

Five of us girls got together one day and decided to venture out of Rome and explore something new. Orvieto is a beautiful town situated on a mountain about an hour north of Rome and since the train fare wasn’t too expensive we decided to go there last minute for a nice Saturday vacation. The town was small and quaint with winding roads and breathtaking views. We went into some underground caves and the nearby cathedral but most of the time we just got lost – which is really all one can do in one of these tiny Italian hilltop towns.



Day to day my life isn’t as interesting as it may seem. I know I’ve said this before but what I’ve done to my life by moving to Rome is still quite the same life that you all have wherever you are. I have a job here with specific hours that control my life and so the weekends and a few precious hours during the week are all I have to make the most of this city. Going to Orvieto was a reminder that I actually am living a life full of adventure. Sometimes I forget that.

My favourite part about being away for day was breathing fresh air, seeing trees, forgetting the sound of sirens, and time to appreciate the serenity of life. I think that I am a city girl. I love being able to go anywhere and do anything whenever I want. Don’t get me wrong – I love my down time as well – but I love having the world at my fingertips. But there is something about nature that can’t be forgotten and when I went to Orvieto I was able to see that.

I love these girls!

I love these girls!

I am also fortunate that I have found a solid group of girls here that I can have fun with. I call them up when I’m feeling upset and we do things throughout the week just as we would at home, in this city that is our adopted home. Orvieto gave us the opportunity to bond even more. I am so thankful that I don’t have to do things like this on my own and that I have friends to explore with!


One thought on “Una gita a Orvieto

  1. From the picture, I see you have “like-minded” friends!!! (as in crazy / fun) So glad for you and for your experiences. Looking forward to some major story telling when we’re all together again!


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