La vita quotidiana

Anya and me infront of the Colosseum

Daily life.

I wake up to ambulance sirens and loud traffic. When I step outside, warm air still hits me in the face, despite it being nearly November. They say that this is one of the warmest and longest summers that they’ve had here in Rome. I believe them.

My walk to my family’s house is brief and I enjoy walking past all the businesses as they open, smelling fresh baked cornettos along the way.

After taking the children to school I do a variety of things although my highlights include Thursday morning bible studies and the days that I go into the centre to meet a friend for coffee. Without language school to go to I find that the time in between can sometimes be difficult to fill but truthfully I am thankful for the time I get to myself.

Afternoons consist of picking the children up from school, helping Pietro with his English homework, taking Pietro to gymnastics, helping the children bathe and watching TV with the children after dinner. My job really isn’t too strenuous and for the most part the children behave for me and we have a really nice time together. The children are getting used to my presence and I know that they like me as well. I really enjoy watching TV with them because often they sit on my lap and we just have a bonding moment together.

I realized that one thing I was missing in the house was music. This family never listens to music which is something I miss terribly! I have taken it upon myself to make Pietro listen to music. Thus, I introduced him to One Direction and now he is obsessed and wants to learn every single word of “What Makes You Beautiful”.

Last weekend was amazing for me. My friend visited from Florence where she is studying and we were busy the whole weekend meeting up with my friends from Rome and walking, seeing, and eating almost everything there is here. I look forward to my weekends every single week. Unfortunately, the problem with being an au pair is that the week days became slightly mundane and you live for the weekends when you can see your friends whenever you want. Next weekend I am going to a chocolate festival in Perugia. It should be awesome.

Thanks to everyone who prays for me and who is sending me well wishes while I’m here. I appreciate it very much. Things have been getting better and better as I meet friends and become more and more busy each week. Because of prayer I find that it is really neat for me to go through each day and then pin point a moment in which I know that God has worked. He does answer prayer!

Expect a post on Perugia – I know that I’ll have  a lot to say about visiting the Etruscan town full of chocolate!


5 thoughts on “La vita quotidiana

  1. I’m glad you are starting to feel a little more at home in Rome (sorry about the rhyme)! It does take time to settle in. Remember, you are not walking in the rain at home! I am so happy to hear that you are introducing music to the children, Every child should experience music of all kinds!!! I look forward to hearing about more of your adventure!


  2. What a wonderful post to read first thig this morning! Of course the children are going to love you!So cute about the music! 🙂
    We think of you often, and pray for you lots. God is in the details of our every day lives—-we just have to keep our eyes open! Enjoy your chocolate weekend!


  3. Just read your post and enjoyed hearing about your day to day activities and the interesting week-ends. Hope you enjoyed the chocolate – especially the dark as it’s also good for you! My thoughts
    and prayers are with you.


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