Classe di Italiano

I’m sorry that I have been complete rubbish at keeping up with this blog.

View of the Vatican over the Tiber River.

Truthfully, I just haven’t felt inspired with words. Despite that I’ve had plenty of time to write, when I feel uninspired, there really is no point.

But alas, I am sitting here, internetless, and thus I’ve decided to tell you a bit more of the things I’ve experienced over the past couple of weeks.

Some of you may know of the ups and downs I’ve faced regarding my time in Rome. I want to clarify. It is not the city that I dislike. Rome itself is beautiful, magical and anything you would expect from a city over 2000 years old. The culture, on the other-hand, can be difficult to understand and grasp. Sometimes I find myself frustrated by the way things are said or done here and it can get exhausting. I am happy to be in Italy and happy to meet new people and explore new places but it is also tiring. I know this is to be expected when integrating into a new culture but still, it is difficult to accept.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve met quite a few new people. I’ve done day trips to various beaches and have explored unique parts of the city a number of different times. I am enjoying my Sunday mornings where I’ve met many au pairs like me at Rome Baptist Church. It is comforting to know that there are many au pairs in Rome that also have a similar Christian background, regardless of where they are from

The biggest event that has happened is Italian language school. I went in to it thinking that it would be amazing. That I would meet new people and I’d also learn the basics of a new language. Well that went out the window within the first millisecond of being there. Although the people in my class were great, the teacher was – hmmmm – NOT. Seriously the worst teacher ever. Without introducing herself or getting to know us, she went into a three hour lecture on the importance of the masculine and feminine. She then went on to show us numerous examples of the masculine and feminine versions of words without even telling us what the words meant. It was is if she had never taught a language class before! There was no ‘how are you’ in Italian, basic phrases, ways to say the colours and months or even verb conjugation. She told us to look up whatever we didn’t understand in the dictionary. But I didn’t understand ANYTHING! She was speaking ONLY Italian! So after a week and a couple days of this I gave up. I emailed the school my complaint and after a short talk with the principal I was awarded my money back. Good deal!

I came to Italy for culture. I wanted to branch out on my own while living in an area where I’d be able to travel easily and so when the offer to work in Rome came through, I excepted with extreme excitement. Many people that I’ve met here are really into learning the language. Me – not so much. I think it would be nice to speak another language, really, I do! But, with the price of school always inkling at the back of my head, I think about how I could use that money to travel instead of learning a language that I probably won’t use a whole lot in the future. So really – is it worth it?

My thoughts are completely jumbled and I have so much to write about that I don’t even know where to start.

I really, really hope to get in a more regular habit of posting on this blog. I know a lot of you are interested to hear all I have to say!

But for now this will have to do.

Talk to you soon!


One thought on “Classe di Italiano

  1. Everything that you’ve experienced good and bad are all a part of travelling to a new country and culture. Travel and enjoy. Meet people and just experience life.


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