Non capisco Italiano. Solo Inglese.

“Non capisco Italiano. Solo Inglese.”

Last Sunday I sat looking at this wonder while eating a bowl of pasta. Good deal.

When I say it I sound incredibly Italian. Only problem is, what I am saying and have found myself to be constantly repeating is “I don’t understand Italian. Only English”.

Living in an Italian household for the past three weeks has been going very well. Like I’ve mentioned before, the family is incredibly nice and have made me feel quite comfortable as part of their family. Although it can sometimes get exhausting with the whole, I only speak English thing, I’ve now worked myself into a nice routine each morning and after school and I feel that the children have now gotten accustom to me being around as well. Some of you may be pleased to know that my outlook about being here has become more positive and although I still think that 8 more months of this seems like a very long time, I have come to accept and look forward to those months as well.

The biggest and most important part of being here, for me, is the friend aspect. I still have only met a handful of people with friend potential but I’m feeling as things will be changing for me within the next couple of weeks.

At the beginning of October I will start intensive Italian language classes and will attend bimonthly for the next 8 months. I know that I’ll meet a lot of people from all around the world there. I’ve also started going to a women’s Bible study on Thursday mornings. There are a wide variety of age groups that attend and the women are from all around the world. This being said I think that it will be nice to get to know these women on a personal level as well as a spiritual level, regardless of their age. Sunday mornings are also a good time for me to meet people as Rome Baptist Church has young adult Sunday school classes and also a very well attended English service. Oh the joys of living in a very cosmopolitan international city!

And now I’m going to follow in my cousin Deborah’s footsteps by listing a few things that I’ve noticed in Rome different than life in Vancouver. This is the cheater way of me listing a lot of new observations without having to form cohesive sentences and paragraphs.

1. There is crap on the sidewalks. Everywhere. As in, you’d better look down while you are walking somewhere, anywhere, as you never know when you’ll step on a pile of odorous faeces.

2. Despite the fact that English is the most spoken language in the world the majority of Italians do not know how to speak it. I find this interesting as one would think that in a big metropolitan city such as Rome, cashiers in stores or bus drivers would speak even a little English. But no.

3. People actually do say ‘mamma mia’.

4. Homemade lasagna tastes nothing like it does at home. It tastes 100% better here.

5. Crostata is extremely popular. Think a delicious sugar cookie, pie, jam combo and then imagine eating it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. YUM!

6. A cappucino and croissant cost next to nothing.

7. Bars are on the corner of every street. A typical Roman street goes as follow: bar, store, store, store, bar, store, store, store, bar. They really like their coffee here!

8. There isn’t a single channel in English.

… And that’s all I have for now.

Tomorrow has the potential to be a very interesting day. I’ll let you know how it goes as soon as I have time to write a bite more!

Thanks for reading,

– Natasha

P.S. Let me leave you with this wonderful, wonderful tidbit of joy:



9 thoughts on “Non capisco Italiano. Solo Inglese.

  1. So, you don’t mean “bar” as in pub, but bar as in coffe shop?? And, WHY do they not clean up their dog poop?? ugh. Thanks for that good insight into your life, Tash. So jealous that I’m not tagging along with the Ungers when they’re in Rome next week. 😦 Love you!!!


  2. Is it because they have lots of dogs? It’s hard to imagine all these well dressed Italians in their fine Italian leather shoes walking over and around poop piles……..And the coffee shops….I think I would be in heaven. Do Italians drink coffee at home, or is it something they go out for?


    • Some of the people that live in my neighbourhood are EXTREMELY inconsiderate. It’s really disgusting actually. It’s just one of the many reasons why dog owners and dogs in general can frustrate me.


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