Vivo a Roma

The Spanish Steps – a typical Roman landmark.

I’ve been in Rome now for 2 weeks.

Although that may seem like a long time for some people it has seemed even longer to me. My days consist of waking up early, taking the children to school, doing nothing throughout the day, picking the children up from school and then staying with the children until about 9 or 10 in the evening after we’ve finished dinner. Nothing too exciting there. I have to admit that I am lonely and recognize this may be the reason why the days are seeming to drag on and on. I also know that this will change once I have started to make friends and begin to do activities throughout the week.

This all being said I do not regret my decision to come to Rome as an au pair. It would be delusional to think that the moment I would arrive in Rome I would have friends, would be super busy and would not be homesick at all. Right now I look at my decision to move here and think ‘nine more months – I don’t know if I can do it’ but in reality I need to realize that things will get better, as I have said before.

The family that I work for is extremely nice. I am so lucky as they truly want to integrate me as part of their family and have gone out of their way to make me comfortable. The children are sweet and Pietro, the oldest child who is 7 and a half, has a very enduring attitude and is lovely to be around. Bianca and Beatrice (pronounced Bay-a-tree-chay – not the easiest name to pronounce) are nearly 4 and are very rambunctious. They are young and don’t know any English so it can sometimes be difficult to communicate with them. Actually it is always difficult to communicate with them so I’m just showing them as much love as I can – you don’t need to speak Italian to do that.

Family life is quite different here than it is in Canada which I have quickly observed and am trying to adjust to. Parents work long hours and so it seems necessary to have a full-time nanny to do nearly everything, including the child rearing. I am fortunate to have Juliet working with me. She has been the family’s full-time nanny for the past 3 years and her presence is definitely appreciated!

The children go to an international English speaking school called ‘Ambrit’ which attracts a lot of foreign families as well as many Italian families. The teachers that work at the school are very nice and have made me feel welcome whenever I go to pick up the children. A couple of teachers have even said that if they know of any other au pairs they will try to introduce me and if there are any teacher activities going on they will let me know so that I can join them!

The area that I live in is really cute. It seems as if in Rome most people live in flats or apartments and underneath most flats are various businesses like hairdressers, supermarkets, pharmacies, butchers, bakeries, and of course the ever famous cappuccino bars. My apartment is about a 5 minute walk away from the family’s house which is nice because I am able to get a little time to myself on weekends or at night. The school is also a 5 minute walk away.

Last weekend I went into the centre of Rome. The family lives about a 15 minute bus ride away but it would only be a 10 minute bus ride if their wasn’t so much traffic. I went on Sunday and was able to track down Rome Baptist Church where I met quite a few young people. The church is very large with about 250 people and there are people from all over the world that attend. I met one girl in particular, Debbie, who is studying architecture in Rome until December, and we hit it off immediately. We went for lunch together by the Trevi Fountain and also walked by the Spanish steps. Rome truly is magical and I was glad that I didn’t have to be alone when I did my first bit of exploring. Furthermore I am looking forward to this coming Sunday where I can get to know some more people at church!

I am reading everything I wrote back and the tone of my writing is quite flat. I’m sorry for that! I have just been quite overwhelmed with everything and nothing too exciting has happened to me. I am sure that over the coming months I will have a lot more to say and share but for now here are the actual details of my job and where I live.

This weekend I am going to go in to the centre both Saturday and Sunday as I hope to go shopping for some new shoes. I only brought 3 pairs with me and I think that sandals and summer flats aren’t going to cut it.

Check out facebook for my pictures and occasional day-to-day updates.

Thanks for reading friends!

xo Natasha


7 thoughts on “Vivo a Roma

  1. Thanks for sharing your heart and soul. In time, you will feel like it is home. Think of all the Korean homestay girls that we have had at our house – at first they are so lonely, sitting in their rooms, and then they find some friends and do some activities and it is much better! Love you.


  2. Thanks, Tashi, for posting some news. You have been on my heart and mind a lot. I’m glad there was a connection for you right away at the church. We’ll keep you in our prayers, and you keep us up to date on your life, ok?


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